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Free Trip to Italy for Job-Seeking Engineers and Designers

Hack on your side project in paradise with a dozen new friends. Food, flight, and lodging covered. September 20-27, 2016.

Join us in Italy!

Hi! We're the folks behind Wefunder. We've funded over 150 startups... and almost all of them - including ourselves - are desperately seeking talented engineers and designers.

Instead of paying a recruiter thousands of dollars, it's more fun (and cheaper!) to plan a trip to Italy! So we booked a swank "hacker palace" on Italy, and are inviting engineers and designers to hang out with us.

All we ask is that you complete one four hour coding challenge. The rest of the time is your own - hack away on your favorite side project. When we're back in San Francisco, we'll introduce you to a bunch of startups, most of which are Y Combinator alumni. They offer market-rate salaries and cover relocation costs.

There is no obligation! We enjoy meeting awesome people, so if you don't take a job at any of the startups, that's still cool. We only require that you genuinely be looking for a new job. We'll take your word for it. You don't sign anything.

Who is planning this?

So far, the entire Wefunder team is going to Italy. Here's a team picture of us. We promise we're much more friendly than we appear!


What is covered?

Your flight, lodging, and food is 100% covered.

Am I under any obligations?

No! None! Zero! You are not obligated to join any startup or do any work for a startup. We only ask that you - in good faith - be open to a new job in San Francisco after the trip.

Seriously? This seems to good to be true.

We like being around really interesting and motivated people, and if it's a good fit, we're confident things will just work out. We don't like obligating anyone to do anything.

Why are you doing this?

We like meeting and helping cool people. We ourselves - as founders of Wefunder - are looking to hire. And we've funded 150+ startups, almost all of which are desperately seeking engineers and designers. We'd feel good being matchmakers.

How luxurious is this? What's included?

You can count on some sort of bed, dinners, maid service, and wifi. Otherwise, this ain't the Ritz. But it's Italy!

What kind of food is included?

We have one dinner planned every day. Otherwise, whatever you can find in the kitchen - we'll be well stocked with good Italian food.

What is the balance between work and play?

We're all adults - it's up to you. But we're targeting 8 hours of solid work per day. Along with 3 hours of mandatory fun.

What will I be working on?

Your own side project! Or, if you'd prefer to hack on something with the Wefunder team, that's cool too.

How much 'official programming' is there?

We're keeping it light. Every day, we have a group dinner. We also have a few adventures & expeditions planned.

How many hackers or designers will you invite?

We currently have 6 spaces open.

What is the application process like?

We'll pick the best applications to schedule a 15 minute phone interview. If there's a good culture fit, we'll give you a four-hour technical challenge. If you pass that, you're in.

How competitive is the selection process?

Very. We expect to have a few hundred applications. Only 6 can go. That's less than 2%.

What skill-level are you looking for?

Simply put, someone awesome. We prefer designers who can code and have exceptional creative talent. For developers, we prefer those who have worked with complex systems, have a history of building cool stuff, and enjoys pushing to production daily.

What kind of jobs are there?

Some startups who are hiring include: Wefunder, Casetext, Ginko Bioworks, Checkr, Nextcaller, Flexport, Glowforge, Buildzoom, & Moat.

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Food, lodging, and flight covered.

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