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Free Housing and Food for Engineers & Designers Visiting SF

Stay for a few nights. Meet startups that are hiring. No strings.

Stay with us in San Francisco.
Meet legit startups hiring.

Hi! We're the folks behind Wefunder and the XX. We've helped fund over 250 startups... and almost all of them - including ourselves - are seeking talented engineers and designers to hire. So.... Hacker Surfing!

We have a few spare bedrooms in our Now Valley home-office. If you're visiting SF, stay with us for free and eat our food... and we'll introduce you to a bunch of legit, funded startups, most of which are Y Combinator alumni. They offer market-rate salaries and cover relocation costs.

There is no obligation whatsoever! You don't need to do any spec work or other such nonsense. We enjoy meeting awesome people, so if you don't take a job at any of the startups, that's still cool. We just hope you had a good time.

Who is planning this?

We're the team behind Wefunder. Here's a picture of us after our Christmas party.


Am I under any obligations?

No! None! Zero! You are not obligated to join any startup or do any work for a startup. We only ask that you - in good faith - be open to a new job in San Francisco.

Seriously? This seems to good to be true.

We like being around really interesting and motivated people, and if it's a good fit, we're confident things will just work out. We don't like obligating anyone to do anything.

What's the motivation? Are you paid to do this?

No one pays us. We like meeting and helping cool people. We ourselves - as founders of Wefunder - are looking to hire. And we've funded 300+ startups, almost all of which are desperately seeking engineers and designers. We'd feel good being matchmakers.

Who are you? Who lives in the house?

Nick Tommarello lives in the house. During the day, employees and friends of Wefunder hack in the house.

Can I work in the house?

Of course! We have rock-solid wi-fi, adjustable standing desks, and spare widescreen displays lying around.

How many hackers or designers do you invite?

Typically, no more than two at any one time. We only have two additional bedrooms.

What is covered? How about my airfare?

Your lodging and food is 100% covered. Your flight, however, is not.

Are there any social events?

Every Wednesday, we cook up a nice dinner and feed 20 +startup founders. It's a great way to bond with some super-legit founders!

Where will I sleep?

In a bed in your own room. We have a queen and a smaller bunk bed available.

What kind of food is included?

Whatever you can find in the kitchen - we're generally well stocked with snacks, eggs, and various veggies and meats.

What is the application process like?

If we have room available, we'll talk on the phone for about 15 minutes, and then decide. That's it - no technical tests.

What kind of jobs are there?

Wefunder is hiring! Here's their jobs page. We'll add more jobs from other startups when we know who is attending.

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